RFID Asset Tracking

With zero software to install, servers to manage, or databases to configure, FactorySense is the easiest and most cost-effective RFID asset and inventory tracking system on the market.

The easiest way to locate and monitor your company's assets, period.

Locate your assets with pinpoint precision in an instant with FactorySense RFID asset tracking. From the moment you print and attach an RFID tag to an asset, you'll know where it is and when it moves in real-time.

Because FactorySense RFID tracking works wirelessly and without user intervention, asset tracking happens automatically without requiring additional training. Because the people handling parts don't have to do anything different for tags to be read, the potential for human error is virtually eliminated.


Popular asset tracking features

Real-time location mapping
Need to find an item in an instant? Every asset tracked by FactorySense RFID is pinpointed on a map of your facility live and in real-time. End the embarassing nightmare of broadcast e-mails asking for help finding lost goods.
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Calibration tracking
FactorySense tracks all of your asset calibration data in one place, and provides comprehensive reporting on when your calibrations are due. Easily see the assets that will need calibration before the services become overdue.
Shelf life management
Save money and eliminate scrap with FactorySense RFID shelf life management. Easily track the remaining life of items in your inventory, and use preventive reporting to identify the materials that are at or near expiration to avoid quality escapes.
Smart location-based alerts
FactorySense can generate real-time e-mail alerts any time your assets enter or leave user-defined locations based on rules you create. Help prevent quality problems, reduce the impact of attrition, and enjoy the 24x7 automated monitoring that FactorySense provides.
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Detailed audit trail reporting
With FactorySense tracking the movement of your assets, fully detailed audit trail reports are only a click away. See every movement of your assets over time with to identify location history and assist with audit and regulatory compliance requirements.
Web-based access 24x7
With zero software to install, servers to manage, or databases to maintain, FactorySense is the simplest, easiest, and least expensive way to use RFID technology to manage your assets and inventory.

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